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Men, they are waiting for you, these women without men. Only you can break your silence. There it is, go and get it. Are you unappreciated? Do you feel like a door mat, because you still open doors for what you took to be ladies?

Do you miss the "old-fashioned American Girl"? Guess what? A space-time warp occurred. They still exist, but somehow they ended up in Russia, the Ukraine, Moldavia, Belorus, and other areas of the former Soviet empire. They've just come out of deep -freeze, and their warmth has melted the ice away.

Here are appreciative women, most of whom are proud to know how to cook and sew. They do it because they enjoy and take pride in it. Women educated as engineers, scientists, doctors, nurses, musicians, etc., but who want to be dedicated housewives, if that's what you want. Women so beautiful you can't believe your eyes. Women who know a good man and appreciate him. Women who are not afraid to admit that they need a man to fulfill themselves as women. Imagine: Women who do not hate men! Women who want you to be strong. Women who may outrun you, do gymnastics, ski, shoot a gun, fly a plane, drive a tractor or truck, or construct a building, but are superbly feminine. Women who love real men. Women who want to make you feel like a man again. Women who are magnificent, beautiful, exotic, elegant, sexy, earthy, or plain---something for all tastes.

Maybe you like'em small and petit, maybe you like 'em with larger feet; some with busts so well endowed, or with shapes which are not allowed; smart as a whip, quick as a bird, with a voice like you've never heard. Nontheless, they are waiting for you, to let them know you are lonely too; you might find your love-goddess here,or maybe you'd just like to hear the word "dear"; It surely beats going without, so click here and pick one out.


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