There are several basic discoveries of "Unknown Tesla Technology", often consisting of several separate components of his "known" technology, combined in such ways as to produce the final results. We know of the existence of some of these discoveries, but often lack sufficient details. Only the government knows the full truth. Like the tumblers in a complex safe, the separate technologies fall into place in correct order to produce the desired effects.

In reiteration, Tesla's unknown technologies in complete form, are contained in materials confiscated by the FBI from his hotel room and safe on Jan. , 1943, and a large volume of materials taken from several storage facilities and his hotel the next day, when he died, by the Custodian of Alien Properties. Of all this material taken, only a relatively small amount---totalling around 150,000 documents and some historical models---were eventually released to Tesla's nephew, Sava Kasanovich, the Yugoslavian ambassodor to the U.S. These papers and models comprise the contents of the Tesla Museum at Belgrade.

Materials not released to the Yugoslavs in 1943, were selectively microfilmed by U.S. Naval Intelligence, but according to the U.S. "scientific expert", from M.I.T., there was nothing worth retaining in Tesla's effects as classified material, under the government's national security investigation of Nikola Tesla, immediately following his death. The materials remained in storage between 1943 and 1945, at the Alien Properties storage facility.

Soon after the armistice in 1945, the U.S. government acquired the Nazi war files, and the services of numerous Nazi scientists under Operation Paperclip, particularly rocket scientist Wernher von Braun. At that point, Air Force Intelligence officials from Wright-Patterson A.F.B., in Dayton, Ohio, hurriedly beat a path to the storage vaults of the Custodian of Alien Properties, seized the materials under security orders, and they have been classified ever since.

In 1979,Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory admitted the possession of some of this classified Tesla material, when I inquired about it. There has never been a knowing declassification of any of this material or any other material related to Tesla's electro-propulsive technology, to my knowledge, by the government.

The nature of some of this technology was revealed over the years by Tesla, prior to his death. Of all the secret technologies Tesla revealed the existence of, the most important of course is his electrical flying saucer/UFO technology---what I call "electro- propulsion"---shortened to "electropulsion".

In 1893 and 1894, Tesla completed his Dynamic Theory of Gravity, but never published it. It is contained in still classified Tesla documents. We can reasonably assume that the Dynamic Theory of Gravity is directly related to the electropulsion technology. We can also assume that the technology for electropulsion was "completely worked out" by Tesla prior to 1900, even before the Wright Brothers first flight, since Tesla demonstrated it in 1894.

Because of Tesla's explicit description of this technology, we know it is exclusively electrical, and that it has nothing to do with aerodynamics, rockets, jets, fans, propellers, capacitors, or ion-propulsion, all of which can be ruled out. In fact, Tesla tells us that it is based exclusively on electromagnetic reactance, involving ether physics. The FBI has inadvertently revealed that it was proved and demonstrated in 1894 by Tesla in his New York laboratory.

Since Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity is still classified, we can assume this because it discloses Tesla's electropulsion secrets. That is the reason Tesla never published the complete theory, only tantalizing us with parts of it, here and there, and that is the reason it remains classified, since it still contains, over 106 years later, secrets which are of the utmost secrecy. I have managed to reconstruct a considerable portion of this theory, and to publish it in my books. Some of the secrets are also to be found in 19th century European scientific journals, as documented in my books, concerning the greatest scientific minds of the 19th century. Tesla's own documents, available from that period, mention quite a few of these scientists and their discoveries, as they relate to his own work.

Tesla also divulged the electro-physical ether techniques involved in electropulsion which, by virtue of the initial proof of performance contained in the FBI files, can be presumed to be correct. This initial revelation by Tesla, in the 1890s, was followed by secrecy on the part of Tesla, during the later period of his life. It was the same technology used by him when he demonstrated it to his friends in his laboratory, following late-night cocktail parties at the Waldorf- Astoria. Several famous notables attended these parties and demonstrations, including Mark Twain and John Dos Passos.

We know from Tesla's own statements that he performed atmospheric tests of this technology, in embodiments which were both unmanned "robotic" ships---called "dirigible torpedoes" by Tesla---and manned ships, using both onboard power generation and manual controls, and ground-based power systems in which power and control was transmitted to robotic ships from the ground, via power beams. Tesla stated that these ships were theoretically capable of 300 miles per second (1.8 million mph). In 1953, I personally observed a ship accelerating to approximately 25,000 mph, in three seconds of rapid flight, after which the saucer left my view, so I know the performance of these ships is phenomenal.

I also know from my own observations that these ships can break the sound barrier without creating a sonic boom, in fact, without making a perceptible noise, except for the faint sizzling of the electrical corona, when the observer is within a few feet of a hovering craft. When this is the case, the sizzling corona often causes the metallic shell of the ship to "sing", muchlike a large stainless steel bowl might "sing", when being struck by a rapid succession of water droplets.

From my observations, study and research, I have concluded that the mechanism by which a saucer neutralizes a potential shock wave and sonic boom, is apparently related to the atmospheric electrical phenomena produced by its propulsion system, in which the way electrical charges are manipulated not only causes the gases in advance of the ship's path to "pull apart"---making way for the ship, thus avoids the forward shock wave altogether---but also prevents the gases from suddenly "clapping" back together in its wake, thus avoiding the sonic "boom" which usually accompanies the overflight of a normal, aerodynamic, hypersonic ship. Though this may seem like an unlikely miracle to some, I can assure you that it is an absolute scientific fact. If there is a sonic boom, it would have to be either above or below the range of frequencies audible to the human ear.

Electropulsion technology appears to pull together the following separate Tesla discoveries:

1. Tesla's discoveries and developments in high frequency, high voltage alternating currents (used to break inertia so the ship can be instantly accelerated without resistance);

2. Tesla's single terminal coils (used to produce pseudo-electrostatic D.C. pulse "brush" discharges, which draw in the "tubes of force" mentioned by Faraday, J.J. Thomson and Tesla, which transfer momentum to the ship);

3. Tesla's dual-output oscillator (composed of two single- terminal coils, operated in tandem from the same power system, to produce the high frequency inertia-blocking currents, and the D.C. pulses which draw in the tubes of force)(this system was called "p2" in the Nazi saucer projects);

4. A high-output Tesla electrical generator;

5. Tesla's Bladeless Turbine (used to turn the high-output electrical generator);

6. Magnetic technology which Tesla developed to control the direction of the D.C. brush discharges, thus controlling the direction of the ship's electromagnetic momentum and acceleration;

7. Tesla's advancements in electropulsion, which he may have developed partially from the "electromagnetic momentum" research of J.J. Thomson, provided that Tesla had not previously developed the technology independent of Thomson. Available documents tend to indicate that Tesla demonstrated the technology in London in 1891, attended by Thomson, followed by Thomson's later claimed discovery of "electromagnetic momentum".

The early historical record of these discoveries shows that there was a sort of "technology race" in the latter 19th century, between Tesla and his European scientific contemporaries, to see who would be first to discover the exact electromagnetic mechanism for electropulsion. Tesla won the "race", which appeared to be to the chagrin of the other Europeans, since they failed to mention Tesla's discoveries in their journals, even after Tesla lectured to them and demonstrated his technology in 1891. Even though the FBI's files document Tesla's demonstration of the technology to his friends in 1894, I am assuming that he had previously demonstrated the technology in his London lectures of 1891. This must have caused quite a stir. These great discoveries by a naturalized American citizen (of Serbo- Croatian birth), were ignored by the U.S. government, until the 1945 turn-about,as mentioned above.