About the Author: William R. Lyne

William Lyne was born in Big Spring, Texas, and raised in West Texas oil boom towns and ranching country. He had a Top Secret clearance in Air Force Intelligence, earned a B.S. degree with a double major in Art and Industrial Technology from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, acquired an M.F.A. in Studio Arts from the University of Texas at Austin in 1969, and has lived in New Mexico for over 28 years. In 1975, he rejected a high-paying and prestigious executive CIA position offered by then director George Bush, because he believes the National Security Act of 1947 is an illegal betrayal of American Sovereignty and liberty, and that the flying saucer , as man's greatest invention, should be enjoyed by all. He believes that the USA government should be prohibited from engaging in covert and illegal mind-control of the American people, because it fraudulently violates our bill of (Human) Rights, by circumventing our right to fully informed consent or refusal. He began research leading to this book over 48 years ago, and recognized the "Roswell Incident" as a bungled hoax when it was created in 1947 by military intelligence personnel at Holloman A.F.B., in Alamogordo, New Mexico, and perpetrated in the vicinity of nearby Roswell.

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